Economics for CED  /   spring 2004

Noémi Giszpenc   < n o e m i @ a l u m >

Course Description:
Tues, 7:00 - 9:00 PM, Location: 24-611A
This class is intended to introduce Community Economic Development practioners and others interested in the real-world applicability of economics to basic economic concepts. The class covers the standard range of introductory topics (including demand, supply, market structure, game theory, taxes, interest rates, investment, and international trade), allowing students to become familiar with economic tools through discussions, quantitative problem sets, and readings.

Syllabus (HTML)

Instructor: Noémi Giszpenc
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Tosun Aricanli, Southern New Hampshire University

Noemi Giszpenc Noémi Giszpenc, MIT '98 graduated with degrees in economics, science journalism, and chemistry. After graduating she worked as a research assistant at the World Bank and as an associate editor at the Nonprofit Quarterly (a national publication for non-profit managers). She currently works at Ownership Associates Inc (a consulting firm addressing the needs of companies with employee ownership). For two summers, Noemi co-taught an economics course for a high school enrichment program, and then co-taught an introductory economics seminar to MIT undergraduates. She is a coordinating member of the Sustainable Future Forum, an action and discussion group on issues of sustainability, and is currently a student in the National Weekend Master's Program in Community Economic Development at Southern New Hampshire University.

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Social Analysis 72: Prof. Marglin, Harvard

Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text by Dr. Roger A. McCain, Drexel University
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School of CED at SNHU

MIT Real World Economics Seminar, spring 2003

Class 1 Syllabus
Reading: Victor Hugo
Lecture 1: Intro (ppt)
Problem Set #1
Class 2 Lecture 2: Theory of Demand (ppt)
PS #1 answers
PS #2
funny Tech cartoon
Class 3 Lecture 3: Theory of the Firm (ppt)
PS #2 answers
PS #3
A widget
Class 4 Lecture 4: Supply and Demand (ppt)
PS #3 answers
PS #4
The Tyranny of Choice
Class 5 READING: The Market for Lemons
Lecture 5: Information Problems: Insurance and Investment (ppt)
PS #4 answers
PS #5
Class 6 Lecture 6 (revised)
PS #5 answers
"Rethinking the Dismal Science"
Class 7 Lecture 7: Macro: Growth of the National Economy (ppt)
Class 8 Lecture 8: Macro: The Financial System (ppt)
"How the Fed Works"
Class 9 Lecture 9: Macro: International Trade (ppt)
International Trade Theory & Policy Analysis
Class 10 Lecture 10: Macro: Simple Keynesian Model of Aggregate Demand (ppt)
Class 11 Lecture 11: Macro: Government Policy (ppt)
"How the Economists Got It Wrong"
The Budget -- articles from The Atlantic Monthly
"National Self-Sufficiency" by J. M. Keynes
Articles by Paul Krugman: "The Tax-Cut Con", "The Maestro Slips Out of Tune"
Evaluation Proposal for Independent Study Credit
Evaluation Survey
Bonus Lecture Bonus Lecture: Theory of Cooperative Firms (ppt)