Assignment 1

  1. Read Zakaria pp. 1-5, pp. 31-32: "The Rise of Nationalism" (up to "...disorder and disintegration."), and p. 38 ("The traditional mechanisms... outrageous.").
  2. Read the Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich to Field Guide to the Global Economy and a page with quotes from world leaders critical of economic globalization.
  3. Read Global Trends 2025, Chapter 6, �Will the International System be Up to the Challenges?� pp. 81-88.
  4. Read CIA Factbook on your country and report:
    1. Population
    2. area (compare to known area, e.g. roughly size of New Jersey, twice Texas)
    3. GDP (Official exchange rate & Purchasing Power Parity)
    4. form of government
    5. main economic sectors
    6. main imports & exports
    7. main trading partners
    8. ratio of trade ((imports + exports)/2) to GDP
    9. something else of interest that caught your attention.