Assignment 5

  1. Read Varian, �An iPod has Global Value.�
  2. Read Rodrigue, �Commodity Chain Analysis: 2. The China Connection� (starting about halfway down the page).
    1. Look at his sidebar illustrations, particularly the second (Major Components to Price Reductions) and fifth (Costs of a Shoe Sold)
    2. Read also Rodrigue's illustration of �Commodity Chains and Added Value� about the "Smile Curve."
  3. Read Krugman, �Growing World Trade: Causes and Consequences: The Growth of World Trade: An Overview,� pp. 330-337 (pp. 5-12 in the PDF).
  4. Not yet live: Read Field Guide,
    1. pp. 8-11, �Since World War II: New Divisions� and
    2. pp. 12-15, �Global Flows Today: A. Trade in Goods and Services.�