Lesson 12: Development--What do we do to promote it?

  1. Review of readings.
  2. Why do we want to promote it? Why are we talking about development in a class on global civilization?
  3. Who promotes development?
  4. Historical views on development.
  5. Contrast between two current views: Millennium Development Goals (Sachs) vs. Policy Choice (Rodrik)
  6. Small-group exploration of Ellerman Development Do's and Don'ts
    1. First Do: Start from where the Doers are
    2. Second Do: See the problem through the Doers� eyes
    3. First Don�t: Don�t try to impose change on Doers
    4. Second Don�t: Don�t give help as benevolence
    5. Third Do: Respect autonomy of the Doers
  7. Presentation of Do & Don't stories to class.
Take-home point: Development is not easy. It is best to take a careful look at what is actually hindering progress and figure out ways to address hurdles--or alternatively take a careful look at pent-up potential and find ways to unleash it.