Assignment 10

  1. Read Stiglitz, �Towards a New Paradigm for Development,� p. 5, �I. Development as a Transformation of Society,� first 3 paragraphs.
  2. Read Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen, pp. 13-17 and 38-41.
  3. Read Ellerman (on Jacobs), pp. 2-7, from �Recently, migration..." to "jostle together in cities.�
  4. Read Daly, Beyond Growth, pages 28 (the paragraph starting "There is much confusion..."), 69, and 166-167, paying particular attention to the contrast between development and growth.
  5. Find an article related to development, preferably also related to your country or region.
  6. Bonus blog piece: A short post by Bill Easterly about development "buzzwords".